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Architectural and Interior Design Photographer



It was late so I didn’t have time to think, pieces were scattered everywhere. It was hard to believe that once I completed this construction it will turn out as conceptualized — that connecting pieces that didn’t look like they should bind to one another, would make sense. I assembled the remaining odd pieces, connecting a clear brick, to a brown brick, to a white brick. And then it happened. I was done. I’ve successfully built a French Market out of Lego’s. This was confirmed as I took the box cover to the design. I then set my elbow on the carpet and lowered my head to get a different vantage point, as if I were in Gulliver’s Travels and wondering what kind of people lived here.

Many Lego constructions later, I developed an interest in design, shapes, composition, and how color and light affect our mood. How the color temperature of a sunset affects us, and how if you install a daylight balance bulb in your bedroom, it can negatively impact your sleep patterns. Although it was a journey to get here, Steve Jobs was right in his Commencement Speech. I connected the dots. I’m enjoying the journey and looking forward to connecting more dots.

It’s my goal as a photographer to combine all the things I’ve learned technically and aesthetically, to help capture your designs. I enjoy meeting design professionals and craftsmen and collaborating to capture their artwork. The combination of angles, lighting, and Photoshop wizardry can help capture the design that best mimic what the natural eye can see. And evoke the aesthetic and mood that was originally intended. If you’re a contractor building your next life-size Lego or Architect finished with your next design, I would love to capture the image for your box cover. Let’s chat! My direct line is 323-351-0582.

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