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Los Angeles architectural photographer Jun Tang offers Los Angeles architects and interior designers the very best in architectural photography. Are you looking for a photographer to capture your design? Here is a list of some of things you should consider when looking for a Los Angeles photographer…


What does Quality mean to you? Does it mean that when you present your portfolio to a prospective client, you’re playing the justifying game? “I took these with my iPhone…” Or is it when you imply to your possible clients that the design looks waaaay better in person. Or your friend with a camera who isn’t a professional photographer took the images of your design for your business portfolio.

Quality to me means allowing the images of your design say the “right” 1000 words to your client, viewer, or an art admirer.

Quality to me means allowing the images of your design say the “right” 1000 words to your client, viewer, or an art admirer.

Your clients will only be able to understand what you bring to their project if they see it in your portfolio. Do the images of your portfolio reveals all the details and evokes a mood?

Quality doesn’t mean expensive, it means knowing your craft, being confident and having the knowledge to deliver, and making good on the commitment and delivering.


I provide a complimentary walk-through consultation. It provides us an opportunity to scout the location, discuss what you like about a certain design or what is unique that you would like to feature. To me it’s not networking, it’s building a relationship. I like to preplan. The walk-through allows us to scout, determine the best time of day for the photoshoot, determine logistics, and choose what gear I need.

For example, for one architect, I’ve scout the location up to 3 times. This was to determine the best time of day, best day of the week, and factor in car, crowd, and construction. Although I’m OCD, I don’t scout every location three times, or say things three times, or take the same photo three times.

//3 COST

For design professionals that are familiar with AIA and Houzz, there are articles written providing a ball park figure.

“…a day rate can run between $1,500 – $4,000 – assistants, equipment, and travel expenses not included.” – Elizabeth Kubany in Architect-magazine

I completely understand the importance of investing in quality photos to market your services to clients. Who better to understand than a photographer? Why else would I invest $3K in just one lens? I don’t believe in sacrificing Quality and neither should you. Quoted from one of the best movie of all time, “I’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse”. I will provide you a complimentary walk-through consultation and a quote. No obligations. And after we complete the photoshoot, I’m confident that you’ll be more than happy with quality. I will offer a full refund if you don’t like the images. If you can’t use it, you don’t pay for it. How does that sound? Let us know 323-351-0582.

Jun Tang Photography

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