Before And After - Jun Tang Photography

Architectural and Interior Design Photographer


The Peterson Automotive Museum is located at one of the busiest intersection in Los Angeles on Fairfax and Wilshire. This was a challenging project to photograph because we wanted to use the Light Painting technique for an equal metallic sheen from all angles. The other challenge is the traffic from the motor vehicles and the pedestrian. We scouted this location three different times to determine traffic, lighting, and tested a few lighting gear to be able to light paint from a range of over 300 feet.

A beautiful Transitional Modern Home located in the Brentwood area. The challenge was to match the exposure of the interior with the Exterior and allow viewers to see what the eye can see during the Sunset. Over 30+ layers of photoshop with light painting to bring out the trees, bush, and orange reflective glow from the pavement.

Levyland in Carlsbad, California near San Diego is a beautiful Residential Venue Property located within 500 feet from the beach. This was also a challenging project as the camera was at least 25ft from the ground to get the vantage point you see. We also used multiple exposures to be able to reveal the interior and exterior of the property. Over 70 layers were used to composite the exposure with the Exterior Light painting to deliver the final after image.

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